Located in Laizhou city, the intersection of Yantai, Qingdao and Weifang, the Laizhou Shahe Yuanda Chemistry & Machinery Factory enjoys the beautiful and rich Bohai Bay. Be with convenient transportation as well as favorable geographical location, it is a perfect place for both trade and office place. 

    We are an integrative enterprise incorporated with scientific research development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales-after services. Featuring reasonable structure, durability, easy operation and maintenance, with a number of technology management specialists who have many years experiences in machinery design and development, we are committed ourselves to satisfy various demands from our customers. We are rewarded as City-Level Advance Enterprise; Superfine Reputation Enterprise and reached the ministrys quality control standard. Our products have been distributed all around the country and obtained high credit from our costumers. 

     Led by our director, Liu Xiaobin, we eliminated any worries from our customers by building and completing a full quality guaranteed system, which covering manufacturing, marketing, and after-sale service. Factory director, Liu Xiaobin, together with the whole staff welcomes all friends from all field, and looks forward to the most sincerely co-operation. Together lets create a splendent future in the 21st century!  

友情鏈接: 捏合機廠家 煙臺捏合機


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